The Aftermath of Dramatic Weight Loss – The Three Most Common Corrective Surgeries


Losing lots pounds can be a thrilling experience. However, in many cases, the thrill is short lived. Not with folds of skin left after a dramatic weight loss. The folds come as a result the inflexibility of your skin to conform to the your new shape and size. This excess skin can be worth several pounds. It will sag and rub against each other, causing rashes and creating a pathway for infections. Today, many people are at ends in finding ways to do away with the excess skin.

However, thanks to science, there is no need to worry. Plastic surgery can help contour the excess skin, remove excess tissues and fats, thereby helping improve the shape and firmness of your tissues. The corrective surgeries used to achieve these results are given an umbrella term of ‘body lift’. Body lifting is advantageous in that, it helps achieve permanent results and improve your general appearance.

Types of Body Lifts

There are several types of body lifts. They include: tummy tucks, face lifts, breast lifts, thigh lifts, buttock lifts, lower body lifts and arm lifts. This article looks at the three most common body lifts.

1. Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck, medically known as abdominoplasty, is the most common body lift. After a dramatic weight loss, your abdominal muscles may become loose and sagging. Abdominoplasty helps correct this. It surgically removes excess skin and fat and helps restore loose, separated muscles, creating a smooth, firm, and flatter abdominal profile. The results are permanent. Additionally, it may help to remove the stretchmarks, particularly those located in areas of excised skin.

2. Face Lifts
Face lift is medically known as rhytidectomy. It surgically removes excess skin and fat in the middle of the face, lower face and under the chin (double chin). The face is the most noticed part of your body and face lifting helps rejuvenate your appearance. Additionally, the surgery may remove furrows and creases that come with aging. Rhytidectomy may be accompanied by brow lifts and eye lid surgery.

3. Breast Lifts
After dramatic weight loss, the breasts may sag. Breast lifts (mastopexy) helps correct this by removing excess skin and tissues around the breasts, thereby helping reshape and restore their firmness. The result is a firm, raised breasts and an impressive figure. The process may be used to achieve fuller breasts by combining it with breast augmentation surgery.

The above are the most common body lifts. However, body lifting can be exercised virtually in any part of the body. For the procedure to be successful, ensure that you have a stable weight, you are not smoking, and you are not planning to get pregnant in the near future.

Take a look at this great video about plastic surgeries below.


Clenbuterol – A Thermogenic Drug

Clenbuterol-BottleClenbuterol can be used by top rated athletes and individuals with less experience who build their body at home. This drug has been employed to lose excessive fat and enhance the looks of the body. It is also used by some athletes who work on their strength.

Clenbuterol is really a drug part of the beta2 agonist’s adrenergic group utilized to deal with bronchial asthma. Clenbuterol dilates the respiratory system, and what’s particularly significant for those who put it to use as an element of an illegal assistance, is that it highly improves thermo genesis resulting in enhanced energy expenditure. On top of that, this measure increases blood pressure levels and functions stimulating within the nervous system.

Athletes and body builders use clenbuterol as a way to assist in the quick burning of body fat throughout workout. Aerobic exercises as well as basic workouts are generally suggested to help make the drug more efficient and provide instant results. The individual using this drug would generally realize that it works because of this physical manifestation.


Garcinia Cambogia Ingredients Can Help Your Depression!

DepressionGarcinia Cambogia pills are named after a citrus fruit, Garcinia de Cambogia, which grow in Southeast Asia and from which they are extracted. Historically, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), extracted from the fruit rind has been used for cooking. Recently, it’s being used to lower down cholesterol and for weight loss. These pills are found at most supplement stores and health centers, although they can still be bought online. Powder forms of the drug are also available. They are also sometimes included in snack bars as ingredients.

How They Work
HCA helps in blocking an enzyme known as citrate lyase which is responsible for turning starches and sugars into fat. Rather than accumulating in the body as fat, the carbohydrates are utilized for production of energy.
HCA also has the capability to suppress appetite, different from the way diet pills that are stimulant-based; it increases satiety level, or the satisfaction achieved from food consumption, and therefore enables one to get satisfaction from eating less food.

Two capsules(1000mg) are recommended to be taken twice a day and a maximum of three capsules twice a day which is a total of 3000mg.
The drugs should be taken on an empty stomach preferably 30 minutes before meals to avoid the ‘food effect’ where some components of meal can make the hydroxycitrate salt inactive.

Why Garcinia Cambogia
1. Doesn’t stimulate.
2. Minimal side effects if any.
3. Meets safety and quality standards.
4. Natural weight loss pills.

Side effects
Since HCA is not a stimulant, you should not be worried that the drug might affect your mood or sleep. If you are serious with controlling your body weight, follow the few instructions and don’t be afraid of the supplement. It has been work properly. No cases of interactions with pregnant or nursing women have been reported, but they are however, not recommended to take the drug. For more information about the side effects, we have found a Spanish website that explains everything in detail. You can translate the website using Google. Here is the website: Efectos Secundarios.

NOTE: Diabetic patients should consult their doctors before taking the drugs

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